Crystal Motif

Susanne Haag Keramiek Kristal Motief

Two round forms with ‘crystal’ motif, height 22 cm. After the electric kiln (900°C) I draw with pencil a horizontal line on the belly and vertical lines. These lines are the basis of all decorations to be filled out differently. I use the compass to draw the distances along the vertical lines so that it makes the (eye) impression of squares and work my way to the neck and to the bottom. Subsequently I draw two diagonal lines and so the crystal (or piramide) appear. There are now four triangles in the square to be distinguished with glaze. In this case I use a colored glaze: yellow, which is the white (or transparent ) glaze with a yellow body stain. The others are white, white stripes and the fourth blackens in the process of raku firing. The motif gives the impression of a little piramid or a crystal.