Bust Geometrica

Susanne Haag Keramiek Geometrica

Bust Geometrica, height 40 cm To make this bust I use a plaster mould that I made at the start. I put layers of 8 mm clay in the plaster mould and, when they have dried a little, glue the two halves together with clayslib. I finish the bust. The face has always to be modeled. I open the skull. That is necessary to be able to lift the bust with a pair of thongs from the kiln at around 850 °C. The cut of the skull is hidden with a wreath. After the electric kiln (900°C) I sort of dress the bust with geometrical patterns in pencil and later in glaze. Also the skull and the wreath are decorated. In the raku kiln everything that is not glazed blackens in the raku process, the second color.